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Value Added Service

In addition to our takaful products that are fair, transparent and universally Shariah-compliant, HLM Takaful also cares about the special needs of Muslims. That’s why we extend our value-added services beyond the ordinary.

Hajj by Proxy (Badal Haji)

The first Hajj by Proxy Service (Badal Haji) in Malaysia that enables an appointed proxy to perform Hajj on behalf of the participant, in the event of death or total permanent disability of the latter. This service helps our Muslim customers fulfill one of their duties that form the Five Pillars of Islam, even after an unfortunate circumstance has occurred.

Waqaf and Qurban Services

The first service of its kind in the takaful industry, that helps our Muslim customers fulfill their fundamental obligation of continuous charity / sadaqah jariyah.


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