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Hajj by Proxy



What is Hajj by Proxy (Badal Haji)?
Hajj by Proxy (Badal Haji) is performing an obligatory Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca) on behalf of those who is unable to perform Hajj due to sickness, old age or dies before fulfilling part of his/ her Five Pillars of Islam duties. As mentioned in Surah Al-Imran verse 97:

“In it are Clear Signs (and) the Station of Ibrahim; and whoever comes within its bound he is in a state of peace. And Pilgrimage to the House is a duty men to Allah owned by all people, (upon) everyone who is able to undertake the journey to it; but whoever disbelieves, then surely Allah is above any need of (all) creatures.”

Hajj by Proxy offered by HLM Takaful
At HLM Takaful, we provide Hajj by Proxy service in appointing someone to perform Hajj on behalf of the deceased or the unfit person in the event of Death or Total Permanent Disability (TPD) for our participants.

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