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HLM Takaful i-Kudrat

A Gift For Your Loved Ones

Entering old-age is a major milestone for most of us, and what better way to age gracefully than to have proper protection in our sunset years, while ensuring that our loved ones are taken care of. But that’s easier said than done as participating in a protection plan as we get older can be a tedious affair.

Keeping this in mind, Hong Leong MSIG Takaful Berhad (“HLM Takaful”) introduces HLM Takaful i-Kudrat, a regular contribution endowment Takaful plan that protects you up to 80 years old.


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Legacy for Your Loved Ones
It’s good to leave a legacy for your loved ones after you have passed on to reduce the financial burden of your next-of-kin or to cover the costs of performing funeral bereavement on your behalf. Here, we provide you Death and Accidental Death Benefit during unexpected times.  

Flexible Payment Term
You have an option to pay contributions for only 10 years and be covered until you are 80 years old. Depending on your needs, you may also choose to pay until the end of the coverage term with more affordable contributions.
Hassle-Free Enrolment
It is truly hassle-free as you do not need to attend any medical check-up or answer long-winded health questionnaires.
Maturity Benefit
When your certificate matures at the age of 80, a Maturity Benefit will be payable for you to spend through your golden years.  

Funeral Benefit (Khairat Kematian)
Funeral expenses can be costly and it often takes time to receive a full claim payment from your insurance or Takaful plans. Living up to the name of Takaful, we provide assistance by pre-paying 10% of the Death Benefit upon receiving just the burial certificate.
Value-Added Services
We can make arrangements to perform religious obligation or charity on your behalf when you have passed on, where an amount will be deducted from the Takaful benefit payable under your certificate and paid to the service provider appointed by us.

Note: The product features stated above are not exhaustive. Please refer to the brochure or Takaful certificate for more details.

What is HLM Takaful i-Kudrat?
HLM Takaful i-Kudrat is a regular contribution endowment Takaful plan which provides protection until 80 years old (next birthday). It provides coverage for death with additional coverage for accidental death. 10% of the Death Benefit will be prepaid as Funeral Benefit (Khairat Kematian) upon receiving just a burial certificate while the balance will be payable upon receiving the complete documentation. Maturity benefit is payable at the end of the certificate term if no claim is paid. Above all, the enrolment is hassle-free as there is no underwriting required.
What is the application process for HLM Takaful i-Kudrat?
The application process is simple and easy. You do not have to answer any health questions or attend any medical check-up. You only need to declare that you are:

•  mentally alert and capable of answering questions during the interview; and

•  currently not admitted to Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Critical Care Unit (CCU), High Dependency Unit (HDU), or bedridden.

What will be payable in the event of death due to accidental causes?
In the event of death of the Person Covered due to accidental causes prior to maturity and while the certificate is still in force, the following will be payable:

a. Death Benefit – Basic Sum Covered or total contributions paid, whichever is higher; and

b. Accidental Death Benefit – benefit payable depends on the age at death as shown below:

Age Next Birthday of the Person Covered at the Certificate Anniversary preceding death Benefits Payable
40 – 65 300% of the Basic Sum Covered
66 – 80 150% of the Basic Sum Covered
What happens if death occurs within the first 2 certificate years due to non-accidental causes?
In this case, only the total contribution paid will be payable.
What happens if death occurs after the first 2 certificate years due to non-accidental causes?
Death Benefit equivalent to the higher of Basic Sum Covered or total contributions paid will be payable.
How does the Funeral Benefit work?
10% of the Death Benefit will be prepaid upon receiving just a burial certificate while the remaining will be payable upon receiving the complete documentation. This benefit is aimed to reduce the financial burden for performing funeral services as it often takes time to receive a full claim payment.
What will I get upon maturity of the certificate?
Upon maturity of the certificate, the higher of 100% of the Basic Sum Covered or total contribution paid shall be payable.
What is the minimum and maximum entry age for this product?
The minimum entry age is 40 years old while the maximum entry age is 70 years old, age next birthday.
Can you tell me more about the funds under HLM Takaful i-Kudrat?
There is only one fund under this product, namely Participants’ Risk Fund (PRF). The contribution paid after deducting the Wakalah Fee will flow into the PRF as Tabarru’ to provide for the Takaful benefits under this product. All Takaful benefits i.e. Death Benefit, Accidental Death Benefit and Maturity Benefit are payable from the PRF. Any surplus from the PRF will be distributed in a ratio of 50:50 between the Takaful operator (based on Ju’alah principle) and the eligible participants.
What are the riders available to enhance my protection?
There is no rider attachable to HLM Takaful i-Kudrat.
What is the coverage term of this product?
The coverage term of this product is equivalent to 80 minus entry age of the Person Covered.
What are the minimum and maximum coverage?
Coverage is based on a unit basis where 1 unit is equivalent to RM10,000 Basic Sum Covered. The minimum coverage is 1 unit while the maximum coverage varies by entry age as illustrated in the table below:
Entry Age Maximum Coverage (unit)
40 – 49 10
50 – 59 7
60 – 70 5
Can I change my Basic Sum Covered subsequent to the inception of the certificate?
The Participant may only reduce the Basic Sum Covered. Increase in the Basic Sum Covered is not allowed.
What happens if I terminate my certificate early?
You may surrender your certificate by returning the certificate to us with a written notice signed by you. The cash surrender value from the PRF (if any) less surrender charge will be payable. You will lose the benefits under your certificate and the amount payable to you may be less than the total contributions that you have paid.
How much do I need to pay and what are the contribution payment mode and method?
The amount of contribution that you have to pay depends on your age, gender and contribution payment term. The contribution amount is level throughout the coverage term. Please refer to the Benefit Illustration for more details. You can pay your contributions on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly basis via cash, credit card, direct debit, standing instructions and Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa (BPA)
What is the contribution payment term for HLM Takaful i-Kudrat?
There are two options available which are limited payment term of 10 years or you can pay the contribution until end of the certificate term.
What happens if I stop paying contribution?
If contribution remains unpaid after the grace period of 30 days, your certificate will be automatically converted into a reduced paid-up certificate where your coverage will be reduced, provided that your certificate has been in force for at least 1 year. Otherwise, your certificate will be terminated and the cash surrender value will be payable after one (1) year from the lapse date provided there is no reinstatement of the Certificate.
Are the contributions paid for HLM Takaful i-Kudrat eligible for income tax relief?
Yes. You may qualify for a personal tax relief for the contributions paid under “Life Insurance and EPF”, subject to the final decision of the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.
What are the exclusions for HLM Takaful i-Kudrat?

•  The Death Benefit is not payable for death resulting directly or indirectly from suicide within twelve (12) months from the
    commencement date or any reinstatement date of the certificate.

•  The Accidental Death Benefit is not payable for accidental death caused directly or indirectly by self-inflicted injury while sane or
    insane, riot and civil commotion, strikes or terrorist activities, war, declared or undeclared, revolution or any warlike operations.


Note: This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the Takaful certificate for the full list of exclusions.

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