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What is HLM Takaful i-Cash?
Takaful is based on the concept of brotherhood, solidarity and mutual assistance which provides for mutual financial aid and assistance to the participants in case of need whereby the participants mutually agree to contribute for that purpose.

By contributing a sum of money to a common takaful fund in the form of participative contribution (tabarru'), you undertake a contract (aqad) to become one of the Participants by agreeing to mutually help each other, should any of the Participants suffer a defined loss.

The practice is based on Shariah principles.

Hong Leong MSIG Takaful Berhad (HLM Takaful) is a licensed Takaful Operator entrusted to manage this mutual fund efficiently and effectively.

"And assist one another in doing of good and righteousness, and assist not one another in sin and transgression, but keep duty to Allah." Verse Al-Maidah : 2

What is HLM Takaful i-Cash?
Ever wondered how you could participate in a solid financial plan today and reap the benefits of a secured future tomorrow? If you are looking for that unique and special takaful planning that combines not only protection and savings, look no further!

HLM Takaful i-Cash does not only allow you to enjoy financial savings and protection but provides you with an additional annual income from the 3rd anniversary of your certificate year. An additional financial source will come in handy at a time when you might welcome the extra income.

Unbelievable as it seems this exclusive and unique feature is yours to enjoy right up to the age of 65. With the right takaful scheme such as HLM Takaful i- Cash, you can look forward to a secured future and more rewards!

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How can you and your family benefit from HLM Takaful i-Cash?
  • Enjoy supplementary income every year

    We will provide an Annual Cash Payment of 5% of your Sum Covered from the 3rd anniversary of your Certificate year.

    You may enjoy this annual income as long as there are sufficient amount in your Participant's Account (PA).

  • Financial assistance on death or disability

    We will ensure your continued financial security by paying the amount of your sum covered and the balance in your PA either to your beneficiary upon your Death or to you in the event of Total and Permanent Disability (TPD).

  • Ease of payment

    We accept contribution payment in monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly mode.

  • Accumulated savings

    The earlier financial planning is started, the better possibility there is of growing your savings over time. When your Certificate matures or if you request to surrender your Certificate, you will receive the accumulated amount in your PA.

  • Minimum contribution and payment term

    Contributions are payable throughout the coverage term with minimum monthly basic contribution of RM60.00.


Tabarru' or Takaful donation is in the form of participative contribution whereby a Participant willingly donates a percentage of his/ her contribution into a pool of fund known as the Participants' Risk Fund (PRF).

This Tabarru' shall be deducted from the PA on a monthly basis and will be donated into the PRF. The amount of Tabarru' deducted is dependent on the Sum Covered, attained age of the Person Covered, Person Covered's occupation and medical rating (if any).

It is from this PRF where benefits will be paid to Participant(s) who is entitled to the Sum Covered in the event the Person Covered dies or suffers TPD.

Wakalah Fee

Wakalah Fee is our administration fee that is deducted from the Contributions to pay for the management of Takaful funds as well as for distribution of commissions.

Wakalah fee, which depend on the term of the certificate, ranges from 7.5% to 83% of the contributions.

Allocation of Contributions

The remaining balance of Contribution after deducting Wakalah Fee is then allocated into the PA according to the Certificate year of Contributions.

Contributions are allocated according to the certificate year. The allocation to PA ranges from 17% to 92.5% of the contributions.

How will your Contributions in the PA be invested?

The accumulated amount in the PA shall be invested in instruments that are Shariah compliant and in accordance to Shariah principles. Any investment profits shall be kept in the respective funds.

How are surpluses, if any, from the PRF being treated?

Any surplus exceeding reserves shall be shared between you and HLM Takaful based on the ratio of 50:50.

What happens if the PRF is insufficient to pay for the benefits?

HLM Takaful will provide a benevolent loan (Qardh) to ensure continued solvency of the PRF to pay the benefits. This loan will be repaid in time from emerging surpluses that may arise in the PRF in subsequent periods.


  • The above tabarru' donation rate and wakalah fee are of current rate. HLM Takaful may change the rates by giving three (3) months written notice to the Participants before the Certificate anniversary.
Duration of Contract
  Minimum : 10 years
  Maximum : up to age 65
Entry Age
(Next birthday)
  Minimum : 30 days
  Maximum: 55 years old
  Maximum expiry age : 65 years old
Sum Covered
  Minimum : RM15,000
  Maximum : subject to underwriting limit or up to RM 2 million per participant

How do I participate in this scheme ?
You are required to fill up the Proposal Form. We will then underwrite your application.

You may be required to provide additional information or to do a medical examination which the cost shall be paid by us.

Exclusions to the coverage.

No benefit shall be paid if:

  • Death is due to or arising from suicide or attempted suicide and/or other causes prohibited by civil and criminal laws. Under such circumstances, only the value of your PA at the time of Death will be payable.
  • TPD due to AIDS or the influence of intoxicants.

For full details of the exclusion list, please refer to your Certificate contract.

  • Hong Leong MSIG Takaful Berhad is registered under the Takaful Act 1984 and is regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia.
  • TPD shall only cover up to Participant's age of 65 years next birthday.
  • For cases of ceasing contribution, your Certificate will remain in force, as long as there is sufficient amount in your PA to cover for the tabarru'. The Certificate shall lapse if the PA amount is insufficient to cover for your tabarru'.
  • You should satisfy yourself that the scheme best serves your needs and the contribution is an amount you can afford.
  • You should provide sufficient and accurate information to enable us advise you on the suitability of the product, taking into consideration the appropriateness of the product to your needs and circumstances.
  • The benefits of the investment fund will be based on the actual performance of the fund and it is not guaranteed.
  • The investment risk of the investment fund will be borne solely by the Certificate owner and the benefits may be less than the total contributions contributed to investment fund.


For more information :
Please contact HLM Takaful directly at (603) 7650 1800 or
Email us at ReachUs@takaful.hongleong.com.my

For claims enquiry :
Email us at Claims@takaful.hongleong.com.my

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