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COVID-19 Complimentary Special Benefit Programme 2.0

Dated 23-01-2021

On a good will basis, we are providing complimentary coverage for our customers with individual medical plans who require medically necessary COVID-19 treatment at a private hospital. This coverage is to assist you during this challenging time.


There is no time like the present to be our HLM Takaful customer. To reassess your Takaful needs or know more about our COVID-19 campaigns or products, speak to our HLM Takaful consultant, call 03- 7650 1800 or e-mail ReachUs@takaful.hongleong.com.my

A. Coverage upon confirmation of COVID-19 diagnosis
Hospitalisation Benefit
Treatment Categories
MOH Designated Private Hospital,
which is in HLM
Takaful’s Panel Hospital List
MOH Designated
Government Hospitals /
Quarantine Centres
Category 1 N/A N/A
Category 2
Category 3 Follow and subjected to the Annual Limit and Lifetime Limit* as well as the existing terms and condition of the medical plans.

No cashless facility will be granted. Claims are on reimbursement basis.
Category 4
Category 5

Note: *ONLY COVID-19 patient from Category 3, 4 and 5 who receives treatment at any of Ministry of Health of Malaysia’s designated private hospitals in Malaysia (which is in the HLM Takaful’s panel list) is eligible for reimbursement of COVID-19 related medical bills.


*This reimbursement benefit is provided on HLM Takaful’s goodwill. Any claims made shall be deducted from the Annual Limit and Lifetime Limit of the medical plan. However, it will not be accounted for any future medical repricing.


*The no claims incentive of Medi-Auni and Medi-Auni 2 will be forfeited once a claim under this programme is made.

COVID-19 Treatment Category is determined by COVID-19 Management Guidelines in Malaysia No.5 / 2020 as follows.
Treatment Categories
Category 1 Asymptomatic
Category 2 Symptomatic, No Pneumonia
Category 3 Symptomatic, Pneumonia
Category 4 Symptomatic, Pneumonia, Requiring supplemental oxygen
Category 5 Critically ill with multi-organ involvement
Admitted to private hospital Medical coverage carries an exclusion on communicable diseases requiring quarantine by law.
B. Coverage upon COVID-19 Post-Vaccination Complication

This protection is extended to our valued customers at NO EXTRA COST within 30 days of vaccination.

Programme duration:
From 14 August 2021 until the withdrawal of the programme.


RM 200 per day up to 7 days of hospitalisation within 30 days from vaccination date.

Admitted to private hospital Medical coverage carries an exclusion preventive treatment.
Admitted to government hospital Regardless if the medical coverage carries an exclusion on preventive treatment.

Terms and Conditions

1. Programme Period: From 14 August 2021 till the date of programme withdrawal to be announced (with an advance notice) by HLM Takaful.


2. Programme Limit: HLM Takaful will honour ALL claims as long as hospital admission date is within the programme period. (HLM Takaful reserves the right to withdraw the programme at any point of time.)


3. Eligibility: ALL existing and new customers with in-forced individual medical coverage (i.e., HLM Takaful Medi-Auni, HLM Takaful Medi-Auni II, HLM Takaful Medic-Pro and HLM Takaful Hospital Income Benefits riders*) during the programme period. [*The above riders are not exhaustive. Any similar new plan/rider launched during the Programme period shall also be entitled for the said Programme.]


4. For recently issued or reinstated certificates, the balance waiting period shall be applicable.


5. NO benefit shall be payable if the diagnosis of COVID-19 is before the commencement date or reinstatement date of the certificate (i.e., applicable to the benefit for the diagnosis of COVID-19).


6. Each certificate holder with in-forced medical coverage is entitled to ONE (1) claim only (i.e., either by Hong Leong MSIG Takaful Berhad or Hong Leong Assurance Berhad).


7. This complimentary special benefit programme is NOT applicable to Person Covered under group certificate.


8. This complimentary special benefit programme is ONLY applicable for vaccines that have been approved by the Malaysian government and administered by the appointed parties (i.e., applicable to the benefit for COVID-19 vaccination complications).


9. List of riders covered under this programme (subjected to the eligibility stated above):

Rider Name Reimbursement of Medical Bills for Category 3 to 5 COVID-19 Patients Hospitalisation Benefit for COVID-19 Post-vaccination Complications
HLM Takaful Medi-Auni
HLM Takaful Medi-Auni II
HLM Takaful Medic- Pro
HLM Takaful Hospital Income Benefits X

For more details, please contact our Customer Service at 03-7650 1800, e-mail ReachUs@takaful.hongleong.com.my or contact your HLM Takaful consultant.


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